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Benefits of paper bags for life

1. using paper bags instead of plastic bags which is conducive to environmental protection, and paper bags can be recycled again after use, but plastic bags are not allowed, so using paper bags is more appropriate to the current environmental protection calls.

2. more health, plastic products in using of when will distributed out harmful material of, especially Dang you using plastic to loaded some hot of drug or food of when, in high temperature Xia is easy distributed some harmful material, but using paper bags on security many has, we can found now many of diet industry are has began using paper bags to store food and not plastic bags, like some fast-food restaurants, also has KFC McDonald's, they are is using paper bags to store food of.

3. paper bag looks more upscale, and if you go to the small general store to buy something, they give you a bag of plastic bags are generally, but if you go to some high-end brands of counter purchases, you will find that they are using professional design paper bags, use paper bags you don't feel more grade texture. Paper bag use is also more cost savings, of course.