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Box lunches, fast food is easy

Taiwan and Hong Kong people called Bento box lunches, fast food. This is from the Japanese "largely as" "(bentou). More have been streamlined into Bento in mainland China used to called "lunch box", that is, boxed meals, in Taiwan generally all called trouble, usually used to lunch and take-away, meals and so on. But Japan's "largely as" clause Lihua fast food lunch box every day and you are not the same. In Japan, very few people outdoors in the morning, but Japanese do not sleep habits, especially housewives began to kick at about 6, young and old make breakfast for my family, for working people, "largely as".

Japanese long has with "largely Dang" work of habits, catering has quite developed, work in the one hours of lunch time do can near find a restaurant calmly dining, or in size Mall purchase varieties rich, and fine price low of ready-made "largely Dang", even just a phone on can sit, but still has many Japanese also is stick with this a habits, addition also trouble to configuration has variety of boxes, and chopsticks box, and rice pocket and package boxes with of Fang Bu towel and so on, daily night wash NET prepared good, while prepared good various food. All started the next morning, happy all year round. Therefore, in daily commuting time, hurried commuters have arms side by side of the road carrying bags and exquisite meals of young women, an arm with a Briefcase can also be seen, other hand holding bright "largely as" baggage, commanding company boss suit lapel. Its image is very "Japan".