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Carton packaging technology

Carton packaging technology: 1. Internal structure of packaging internal structure need according to commodity of size and commodity of performance 

for design, if commodity belongs to easy broken items, so tray of internal will thickened widened, left out extra of space for again a step of design, 

can loaded into sponge, soft of items, also can is tray of internal protruding some, such in by extrusion of situation Xia can for commodity has a 

buffer of space.

2. External packaging outer packaging design, according to design a unique solution for consumers at a glance, makes the products unique panoramic 

view without unpacking, we can know all commodities, trust professionals can do it.

3. Bin bin is very simple, but very important, just right, can improve the quality of goods, paper selection is also important, and can be different 

according to the different products.