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How is the coffee cup lid designed?

Plastic Coffee Cup Lids.jpgMost people know that coffee is a kind of casual refreshing drink. Generally, there are more people who like to take it out. Therefore, when designing a take-away coffee cup, you should consider the various situations in which the coffee cup is placed in this group. For example, in the car, on the walk, and so on. But in the end, one thing is that because of the take-away, there must be a bump, so the coffee cup lid to prevent coffee leakage must have a certain degree of sealing. This depends on the designer's design of the lid and the cup. The coffee cup is made of waterproof kraft paper. The foam on the outer wall is designed to increase the friction and give a soft touch. Then combine the soft plastic cover. The lid can be easily combined with the cup according to the highest tightness and bonding requirements. So how do you achieve a convenient drinking function?

It's easy to think of a mouth on the coffee cup lid, which most people can think of. But for how to open this opening, this is the key. If the opening is not good, the design of the cover that was previously combined with the cup will be cumbersome and redundant. Therefore, it must be done to be convenient to drink and to prevent the omission of water.

The unique design of the cup mouth design is the design of the small flap and the cap that is covered. In order to reduce the overflow caused by the tilt when not drinking, the coffee cup lid can be opened when drinking. The card is stuck in the covered recess, and the coffee cup lids are cut when it is drunk due to the thinness of the cover; and the design of the cover is not only a flat surface, but is increased at the drinking point, and is raised from the side.