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How to choose food grade custom paper burger box?

With the increase of the number of western-style fast-food restaurants, hamburgers have entered the table of ordinary people as a kind of popular cuisine. With hamburgers and takeaway, burger packaging box are indispensable.the delicious hamburger comes with a nice personalised burger boxes, and the logo is different.with the improvement of people's living standards, more and more western fast food restaurants will come to the city.


Different types of packaging design box can be divided into:

1. Ordinary folding burger box

2. Free discount burger box


1. When buying a burger box, make sure you know what you need.since the discount box is more expensive than the ordinary folding box, the cost is still affordable for ordinary folding box, but the discount box is preferred for brand.

2. As the burger box is the package box that directly touches the hamburger, it is necessary to choose a safe and reliable manufacturer when purchasing. It is better to choose a manufacturer that can provide three certificates and quality inspection report.

3. If you haven't used the products of the manufacturer before purchasing, you'd better apply to the manufacturer for trial use of some products.

4. Pay attention to safety problems in the transportation of hamburg boxes.

Food Grade Custom Paper Burger Box