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How to choose popcorn paper boxes?

The custom popcorn bags is mostly made of 250g white cardboard, which is green, environment-friendly, pollution-free and recyclable. Compared with other raw materials, white cardboard costs less and has high cost performance.


Industry authorities pointed out that the material used to make beautiful popcorn paper boxes must be "Food-grade white cardboard", while some manufacturers use recycled waste paper to cut costs, but the quality of the pulp is not good enough color make the glass look whiter, manufacturers add a lot of fluorescent brighteners.correctly identify qualified popcorn boxes:

1. First, under the visual observation, the inner paper popcorn boxes fluorescent brightener is white and brighter than that without fluorescent brightener.

2. Next, under the irradiation of uv analyzer, patches of blue light will appear in the popcorn bucket of fluorescent brightener.

3. For long-term consumption of food containing fluorescent whitening agent, please be careful about carcinogenic. You should be more careful and ask the manufacturer to show relevant qualification certificates if necessary.

Beautiful Popcorn Paper Boxes