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Introduction of greaseproof paper for food

The food packaging paper series includes: chopsticks packaging paper (divided into upper paper, finished paper, single-sided wrapping paper), candy wrapping paper, high, medium and low-grade greaseproof paper (includinghigh-grade greaseproof paper can be used instead of imported for microwave oven explosion) Popcorn special paper, medium-grade greaseproof paper can be used for packaging paper and paper bags of various oily foods), bag-type cup paper, milk bag paper, laminated base paper and various food packaging papers, paper towels and other products; anti-counterfeiting paper products There are traditional security papers such as black watermark paper, white watermark paper, and black and white watermark paper.

1. Vigorously develop paper-based packaging prints

Focus on the development of high-grade wrapping paper and folding cartons with low weight, high strength and light weight, and develop towards gift and color. First of all, the packaging of paper products based on folding carton will have a large development space, followed by the application of multi-layer paperboard composite materials.

2, vigorously develop paper and plastic packaging

Paper and plastic are the two most widely used materials in the packaging and printing industry and will coexist for a long time. In many fields such as food, medicine, health care products, dairy products, cosmetics, and detergents, paper packaging plays an increasingly important role.

3, pollution-free green packaging is getting more and more attention from the society

The packaging and printing enterprises of oil-proof paper materials in China are developing in a healthy and orderly direction.

China's packaging industry has basically reached the international advanced level, and has become one of the world's largest packaging countries, and the annual GDP has increased at an average rate of 20% every year for the past five years. According to data provided by relevant state departments, in 2008, the total output value of the packaging industry in the country (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) reached 860 billion yuan, equivalent to more than 126 billion US dollars, and has become the world's second largest packaging country. In accordance with this development momentum, the total output value of China's packaging industry in 2010 was completely confident to break through the 1.200 billion mark. The output of Chinese paper packaging products has ranked first in the world. Paper packaging products have basically satisfied the total retail sales of more than 500 million domestic consumer goods and the packaging requirements of 600 billion US dollars of export goods.

Greaseproof Paper For Food