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Knife and fork again the important role of food

For eight-shaped dining, part way through the meal break

Carved, knife and fork plate, knife and fork-tip into "one" figure "eight"-shaped, knife and fork toward you, or continue to eat. Conversation, can take a knife and fork, not down, but if you want a gesture, you should put down the knife and fork, not holding a knife and fork in the air shaking. It should be noted that any time, not on one end of a knife or fork on the plate and the other end to put it on the table. Special attention to the blade side must face their own.

The end of the meal is placed in two ways: after the end of the meal, you can fork up below, knives, knife and fork together, parallel to the plate. Next put into United Kingdom and France, but the most common is France. Try to handle into trays, so you can avoid falling by touch, the waiters are easier to clean up.

While attending a wedding dinner, no matter how the table into "dining in" position, as long as the main guests to the end of the meal, it should immediately put all the dishes away. So dinner, remember that all major guest-centric.