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Method of selection of paper cups

1 look at the selection of disposable paper cups, don't just look at paper cups of white color is not white, do not think that the more white the color of health, some paper manufacturers in order to make the glass look more white, add a lot of fluorescent whitening agents. Once these harmful substances enter the body, could be a potential cancer-causing factors. Experts suggest that people in the selection of paper cups, most take a shine in the light, if paper cups to fluorescent light blue, then the proof of fluorescence standard, consumers should be used with caution. Pinch 2 cups soft collapse is not strong, carefully leaking also, to use the glass is thick stiff paper cups, Cup are very not a paper Cup is soft to pinch, pour water or drink, will end up severely deformed, or even end up using. Experts pointed out that high quality paper cups that can hold water for 72 hours without leakage, and poor quality of water in half an hour. 3 smell the glass color write careful quality supervision expert pointed out that ink poisoning, paper cups are stacked together, if exposed to moisture or contamination, will cause mildew, damp paper Cup must not be used. In addition, some paper cups will be printed on colorful patterns and words, as the cups stack together, paper cups outside the ink will inevitably affect the outside package layers of paper cups, and ink containing benzene and toluene, damage to health, most purchased outer layers of less ink or printed paper cups. 4 distinguish cold cups, hot cups, they "have their vocational" expert pointed out that, normally, we use disposable paper cups can be divided into cold drink cups and hot drink cups in two, they have their job, once the "dislocation", may threaten the health of consumers.

Considerations when using paper cups

A first glass of water it is best not to drink, first boiled and water drained after four or five minutes, so that harmful substances in paper cups full of volatile. Because of the strong permeability of fluorescent powders, inks, can contaminate foods. Two disposable cups or cartons of instant noodles and try not heated in the microwave oven.

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