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Paper-what are the advantages of

1, design and paper towels (box of paper towels, soft paper), elegant, stylish, compact, suitable for (home, car, Office, anywhere), 

and strong visual impact, easy to remember, has a strong marketing CLOUT;

2, customize all kinds of advertising tissue, is the most likable of promotion, various ads everywhere these days, has been advertising 

the numbness and disgust, advertising on a napkin, easy to swallow, initiative focused on the desire to read when they use paper towels, 

to learning and memory, deepened the impression has played a good role in promoting;

3, paper towel itself has a function, this is our distinguishing characteristics of any other ad, is the basis of advertising messages can 

be recognized. Different from other forms of advertising, paper towel advertising (advertising paper napkin) can effectively target consumer 

group, meet the needs of audience carried, timing, location, number of free choice;