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Regular disinfection of tableware

Disinfection by boiling: put the washing clean dishes in 2-5 minutes in boiling water;

steam: put the washing clean dishes in a steam Cabinet or box so that when the temperature rose to 100 degrees, 5-10 minutes;

disinfection, oven: infrared disinfector and other, temperature is generally around 120 ℃, 15-20 minutes;

chemical disinfection: the use of disinfectants for tableware tableware disinfection.

Chemical disinfection requirements:

1 choose the disinfectant must be approved by the health Administrative Department of tableware disinfector, you cannot use non-disinfectant tableware tableware disinfection;

2, use eating utensils disinfect disinfectant concentration, concentration must meet the specifications of the product;

3, place cutlery into 10-15-minute soaking in disinfectant, tableware not revealing disinfectant liquid;

4, the dishware disinfection in China should use flowing water to remove surface residual disinfectant tableware, get rid of odors. When using chemical disinfection, disinfection liquid should be kept up to date, not repeated use for a long time.