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What are burger or sandwich wraps custom printed?

Any paper that wraps a burger can be collectively referred to as burger paper.different uses, the size of the design, including the paper bag paper thickness are many requirements, so it should be customized according to the actual situation.the purpose of achieving twice the result with half the effort and economic application provides more guarantee for material saving, green environmental protection and enterprise capital investment.


There are three types of package printing in a burger shop. One is hamburger paper.burger or sandwich wraps custom printed is generally more than 40 grams, such as these packaging printed matter costs are relatively low, mass production can be discount low wholesale.custom wrapping paper specifications and quantities can be produced according to customer requirements.


A few things to keep in mind when buying good burger wrapping paper:

1. Thickness.the thicker the burger paper the better, so you can feel its thickness first;

2. Transparency.choose hamburg paper must be preferred to choose translucent, because it is breathable and beautiful;

3. Color.the color is prominent, the pattern is clear, this is the first choice of burger paper.

Burger Or Sandwich Wraps Custom Printed