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What is corrugate custom pizza box?

Classification of custom pizza boxes

According to different classification methods, pizza boxes can be divided into the following categories:

Depending on the material, the pizza box can be divided into:

1.White card paper pizza box: Mainly 250g white card paper and 350g white card paper;

2.Corrugated paper pizza box: Micro-corrugated (according to the height of corrugated from high to low) are respectively e corrugated, f corrugated, g corrugated, n corrugated, o corrugated, e corrugated is a kind of micro-corrugated;

3.Pp plastic pizza box: The main material is pp plastic


Custom size boxes

1.6-inch / 7-inch pizza box: 20cm long * 20cm wide * 4.0cm high

2.8-inch / 9-inch pizza box: 24cm long * 24cm wide * 4.5cm high

3.10-inch corrugated pizza box: 28cm long * 28cm wide * 4.5cm high

4.10-inch white cardboard pizza box: 26.5cm long * 26.5cm wide * 4.5cm high

5.12-inch corrugated pizza box: Long 32.0cm* wide 32.0 cmm * 4.5cm high purchase instructions when selecting a pizza box, be sure to choose according to your own needs.


Matters needing attention

1.The most commonly used pizza box in the market is the 250g white cardboard pizza box, which can be used in the general west point restaurant.

2.The thickened 350g white cardboard pizza box is mainly used for take-out. This kind of pizza box is much more stiff than 250g white cardboard, which can fully meet the requirements of western fast food restaurants for take-out.

3.Corrugated pizza box is the best one among pizza boxes.currently, the most commonly used one on the market is the three-layer e-watt. This pizza box can also be used for take-out packaging, which is not soft.

Corrugate Custom Pizza Box