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What is food grease proof paper?

Food Grease-Proof PaperBroadly speaking, it refers to paper that prevents oil from absorbing permeation. In a narrow sense, it refers to a type of paper that has been made by bleaching, semi-bleached or unbleached chemical wood pulp and processed by high-slurry treatment. Also included are paper grades that are resistant to penetration and absorption of oils produced by the use of in-slurry or surface coating of oil repellents.

The product can be quantified down to 20g/m2 depending on user requirements. Has a certain strength and high smoothness, but low air permeability. This type of paper is strongly beaten by the fiber, the fiber has a lot of bonding points, the paper has a low void ratio, and the transparency is high. Therefore, penetration and absorption of grease can be prevented.

After chemical pulping with high viscosity, it is made on a fourdrinier paper machine or coated with oil-resistant paint (casein, varnish, hot melt or resin type, silicate type).

Food grease-proof paper is widely used in the packaging of hamburgers, baked bread, biscuits, and other foods and other oily items.