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What is Kraft Paper Material Disposable Bags?

Kraft paper bags is nontoxic, tasteless and pollution-free. It meets the national environmental protection standard.Made of kraft paper, kraft paper bags are more and more widely used, in the supermarket, shopping mall, shoe store, clothing store shopping, and so on place, generally have a brown paper bag supply, convenient customer purchases to carry.Kraft paper bag is a kind of environmental protection packaging bag, its kind is various.


1.  Material of Paper bags with handles  

a. pure kraft paper bag;

B. Paper and aluminum composite kraft paper bag (vellum composite aluminum foil);

C: woven bag composite kraft paper bag (generally large bag type)


2.  Type of Food packaging bags

A. Three-side kraft paper bag;

B. side organ kraft paper bag;

C. self-supporting kraft paper bag;

D. zipper kraft paper bag;

E. Self-supporting zipper kraft paper bag


3. Appearance of Food grade bags for food

A. Square bottom bag;

B.  sewing the bottom bag;

C. heat-sealed pockets;

D.  heat-sealed square bottom bag


Because of its environmental characteristics, Packaging food grade brown paper bags are favored by many people, especially in European countries where cowhide paper bags are almost always used.

1, small white kraft paper bag, using a wide range, generally this kind of bag is big enough for some of the many businesses require this kind of cheap and durable, a brown paper bag usually forming this kind of practice is a brown paper bag machine, machine of rope, entirely by machine operation.

2, medium brown paper bag, under normal circumstances, after the medium is a brown paper bag machine joint forming after a person into a brown paper bag, put the rope by hand due to the current domestic molding equipment shaping size restrictions, a brown paper bag and kraft bag rope machine can stick a small bag of rope, so the practice of a brown paper bag is limited by a machine.Many bags can't be produced by the machine alone.

3, bags and sacks, have a head of brown paper bag, thicker cow leather bag, the practice of the kraft paper bags to pure handmade, the current domestic haven't can solve these brown paper bag molding machine, can only be made by hand, this kind of kraft paper bag production cost is higher, the number will not be huge.

4, whether the above which kinds of kraft paper bags, if the quantity is not big enough are usually made of pure manual for machine production loss is big, a brown paper bag had no way to solve the small amount of brown paper bag.


 Applicable type: one-time use

Shape: flat pocket, square bottom open pocket, square bottom valve pocket, one word bottom bag (for food packaging)

Materials: polypropylene, kraft paper, aluminum foil

Filling volume: 0.2 KG, 50 KG

Sewing: paper sealing, heat sealing, paste bottom.

Lining: inner lining paper, inner lining bag

Kraft Paper Material Disposable Bags