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What is the craft of the paper box?

Food Paper Box Packaging.jpgPaper box is usually used as a wrapper for goods or as an outer layer for the protection of goods. The volume of the paper box changes due to the size of the goods. Paper box, as an indispensable part of modern logistics, bears the important responsibility of packaging, protecting products and aesthetics. Physical performance indicators are the basis for their quality assessment.

The size of the paper box is the size of the blank when making the box. The manufacturing dimensions are based on the line of pressure on the unrolled box blank. The indentation roller on the slitting machine presses a groove at the pressing line position, and the pressing line is the center line of the groove. The distance between the two lines is the manufacturing size.

The tear-off adhesive tape that easily opens the paper box consists of a modified tension polypropylene back combined with a natural rubber adhesive. Natural rubber adhesives offer excellent initial tack, excellent tear resistance and strong adhesion on different material surfaces. The tear tape used in the production of paper box is generally a spool winding structure.