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What is the development trend of the paper box?

Takeaway Paper Food Box.jpgThe paper box structure should fully utilize the molding characteristics of the polyhedron for the function and characteristics of the product, and skillfully use the body language to express the characteristics of the product and the beauty of the packaging. In fact, the paper box structure is not only a three-dimensional rendering of a box, it also involves the process of the production process, including the plane structure of the paper box, die making, paste box molding, etc., these links should be in the design When considering it. This requires the designer to have a good understanding of the structural process of the paper box so that the design can be put into production.

The paper box structure proofing can be done by hand proofing or mold opening, but more is to use a special carton computer proofing machine to make the model. Because the machine makes the model fast, high precision, the on-site production is desirable, and You can also use the carton computer proofing machine to draw the die pattern, so that the factory can make the knife template by itself, and confirm the correctness of the sample structure of the carton through proofing, which can quickly confirm the order status and improve the timeliness. The inevitable trend of development.

Paper product packaging is the most widely used type in packaging industrial products. Paper box is widely used as a sales package for various products such as food, medicine, and electronics. With the change of transportation methods and the change of sales methods, the style of paper box is becoming more and more diversified. Almost every new type of non-standard paper box is accompanied by a set of automatic equipment, and the paper box itself is also a commodity. The means of promotion, in the future paper box packaging will develop in the direction of environmental protection economy, there will be a new form to show in front of us.