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About The Paper Cup


  About the paper cup

      Paper cups are made of disposable paper cups Paper is widely used around the world to serve foods and beverages such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, etc. They are coated or lined with plastic or wax to prevent any leaks or become wet cups. 

       Commercially, paper cups are coated with polyethylene to enhance their durability and performance, making them resistant to liquids. The coating also allows the seams to be welded together. There are generally two types of paper cups: hot and cold. The cold cup has a PE coating on both sides to prevent the paper from becoming wet due to fluid absorption. On the other hand, the heat cup is designed to withstand heat and is only applied to one side. There are several factors that affect the global demand for paper cups. 

       As people share the same container or cup, people are increasingly aware of the disease and the transfer of bacteria, prompting people to choose paper cups. Compared with plastic or foam cups, high biodegradability, easy to use, environmentally friendly. The growing catering industry is another major driver of growth in the global market.