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Analysis Of Composition Of The Paper Cup

Paper: many manufacturers in order to maximize the benefits, and will not use food-grade wood pulp paper. There are many shoddy. If weak paper (recycled paper) to bleach and fluorescent whitening agents, which cannot be resolved by ordinary consumers.

Second, printing ink: production cost of all times, national standards for printing inks do not seem to work. Benzene and toluene-containing inks also flooded the market. After printing the stack of paper cups, and ink is likely to pollute wall paper Cup.

Third, industrial paraffin: paper cups if not waterproofed, that can hold water? So there is a paper Cup is a paraffin wax dip. Wax contains a drug called "polycyclic" harmful substances, and the melting point of wax is 40 °, and oil will dissolve wax, you know the consequences.

Four, coated paper: we all call, but in fact it is polyethylene plastic film. Many paper cups with coated paper instead of wax. But without wax "protect" Cup outside in the humidity could be moldy, stacked cups, will be contaminated by mold on the inside wall. On the plastic film, if not food grade material decomposes harmful substances at high temperatures.

In addition, the bad news paper cups containing Bisphenol a. According to Nanjing Medical University expert on some daily necessities after the determination of the levels of Bisphenol a in shows, testing content of Bisphenol a in disposable paper cups is 30 times of disposable plastic cups, Bisphenol a content of water is pure water in the dispenser 5 times more than doubled.