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Cup Shelf Life Problems

Many people concerned about the shelf life of a paper Cup, paper Cup logo on the package has a shelf life of 1 year or 2 years. But unlike other products is that the Cup shelf-life and storage conditions, stored properly can lead to mildew, so cups can hold long, mainly because we bought cups at home is how to save.

Although we have plenty of opportunities to use paper cups, whether at home or in the Office, we will prepare a common Cup.

Cups available, our choice is very much, glass, ceramic mug, ceramic mug, plastic mug, stainless steel, iron, glass, aluminum Cup ... ... Those bright colors, unique glass, has become an important factor in our selection of glass.

In addition, the glass family has a major team, is advocated by the merchants of "magnetic Cup", "energy drink". Medical reports at home and abroad agree that magnetized water on human health benefits, but not all of the magnetized water on human health. Only negative of magnetized water to improve the human body's physiological function, play a role in health care and positive magnetic water should not drink. Most magnetic cups using ordinary magnets in General, there is no distinction between positive and negative, that may be beneficial to our health are unipolar magnetic film (negative) for the magnetization of the material Cup. "Energy drink" in principle can also improve the function of the human body, play a role in health care. However, many production currently on the market, "energy drink" manufacturers tend to exaggerate the "energy drink" role, and some even say its cure-all. Experts advise we purchased has health benefits "energy drink", one should identify the relevant departments to give legitimate certification, one must not follow the manufacturer's information.

So many choices, most respected experts are glass and enamel cup.

Glass does not contain organic chemicals, when we use a glass of water or other beverages without fear of chemicals can be drunk in my stomach; a glass smooth surface, easy to clean, from a health point of view is also the safest. In addition, enamel cups are made by degrees Celsius after high temperature enamel on glass does not contain harmful substances such as lead, you can rest assured that use.

Colorful beautiful cups, questioned the experts, that might be hiding in those bright pigments with huge risks, when the glass is poured into boiling water or acid, high alkaline beverages, toxic heavy metals such as lead in these pigments is easy to dissolve in liquid. When we drink the liquid with chemicals, it will cause harm to the human body.

Plastic internal micro-structure there are many cracks, easily hides dirt. Often adding plasticizers in plastics, contain toxic chemicals. With a plastic cup of hot or boiling water, toxic chemicals are easy to dilute in water. So, when buying plastic cups must be selected in accordance with the national standard of food grade plastic water cups

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