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For The Protection Of The Environment To Create A Good Living Environment

Lunchbox development with a lot of restrictions and limitations, especially disposable lunch boxes will disappear in the coming time, it relates to global environmental problems, but cannot stop need according to the actual situation or a transition period, another important network is pervasive and

Increase public awareness of environmental protection, you must realize the danger of disposable 

Some metal and plastic lunch boxes will be given great attention, the State will support, all this will be for the protection of the environment to create a good living environment, but the key is the need for the public and the general public to assist, the most great.

Guangzhou beats industrial limited as a representative of lunch boxes manufacturers, continue to promote as far as possible not to use disposable lunch boxes, boxes of universal permanent, universal concept as "less a disposable lunch boxes is to save dozens of Yuan remediation costs", protecting the environment relates to you and me!