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Knife And Fork Using Methods

Hold the basic principles of the knife and fork right hand holding a knife or spoon, fork in your left, hand grip rear end, index finger on the handle. Here special attention, or you can cross in his right hand, left hand holding a knife or spoon. In addition, use a knife and fork while eating, you should use the left fork food fix, then use a knife to cut the food into a small size, and then use a fork dipped in seasonings into the mouth.

Number of cutlery knives, forks should be equal to the number of road food, and arranged by cues from the outside in, meals from outside to middle row in order, followed by appetizers, fish, eat meat. All forks and spoons are placed, all the blade will be made to place. Oblique parallel after in sequence meal served on a plate.

Knife and fork should pay attention to when using the cutting edge is always inward, while if eating half temporarily laid down their knives and forks, knives and forks to character shape should be placed on the tray, also kept on eating. If when you are eating a dish, cutlery should be placed neatly on the table Central by 4 o'clock direction, means that you can take the plate away. Across the front forks and spoons on the table eating dessert dishes, be sure not to use must be in accordance with serving the order. During the meal is generally left each other.

In the restaurant and cafeteria, placed knives and forks on the table, usually not more than three copies. Western restaurant will give you three knives and forks, knives and forks are of different sizes, according to the different uses and determine their size is different. When you eat meat, regardless of whether you want to use a knife to cut, using a large knife. While eating a salad, dessert or appetizers, with a smaller number of forks and spoons, soup, using a large spoon, left knife butter knife, spread with bread, must not use it to cut meat. But in senior professional restaurant or in the grill room, for more than three-course meal, they need to be placed in the cutlery after use with serve again to place the new knives and forks. Thanks to special stress, used to cut steak knives and forks in the grill room is dedicated, in pursuit of the steak cut that dripping feeling of complete separation.

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