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Materials Have Many Kinds Of Coffee Cups

Materials have many kinds of coffee cups, seen on the market such as, ceramics, stainless steel, such as bone China. Porcelain and pottery are is Shang glaze firing, pottery texture more rough, slightly with absorbent, if glaze color dropped, that part on easy was pollution wash not off; porcelain texture more fine, not absorbent, certainly price also will high many; bone porcelain cup insulation sex is good, can makes coffee in Cup in the keep temperature, but price very high; double of stainless steel Cup insulation sex super high, durable not was wear, price more bone porcelain coffee slightly good, but lack beautiful sex;

Cups plain, rounded with the Cup, respectively, marking different coffee.

Kylix: texture rich, suitable for darker roasts taste and rich flavor of the coffee.

Cup: the most common interpretations careful mellow coffee. Among them, the senior China clay, mixing animal and bone meal made of burned bone China coffee mugs, texture, light, color and soft, high density and good thermal insulation, you can make the coffee in the Cup more slowly lowering the temperature, a great choice for best performance of a coffee flavor.

Coffee must be heat hot drink concept, Cup even distribution and such exquisite, developed insulation efficiency

Pottery cups of fruit, even better than the porcelain cup bone China cups, use this texture contains animal bone ashes porcelain cups, can reduce the temperature of the coffee in the Cup slowly. But it's much more expensive than the previous two, so the relatively rare use of an average family, only seen in the fastidious Café.