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Paper Bags Custom Requirements

First of all, the most common is the white of the paper has jammed, owing to its firm texture, thickness of the 210 g weight 3~5 kg is enough, of course, if it is a heavier leather clothing or other items, with 250 grams of white cards bearing the effect will be better, and the printing effect is good, affordable, high-end products of choice. Coated paper is not a commonly used material, its quality is much better than ivory soft, regular thickness is 175 grams, printing effects, like white cardboard, likewise need to be coated, price, and white cardboard.

In recent years, many abroad of large brand clothing bags popular up has using 180 grams around of white Kraft, they using of white Kraft more is abroad produced of, this paper bags with up more light, not special big, because it of bearing degrees than white paper jam, but printing easily color, and not needed covered film, it of price is various material in the highest of, mobile paper bags manufacturers also often imports this material. Of course use material from cattle skin, its price is relatively cheaper than later in this paper, printing results than other materials, imported, of course better than the Chinese.

If the output value is not high, select the cheapest package can save a lot of costs. Gray Board paper and double-sided white material prices cheaper, can be said to be one of the cheapest paper material. Gray Board paper, by definition is referring to a white, one side is gray paper, minimum thickness is 250 grams of hardness soft, print and white cardboard is similar, also needs to be coated. White and gray paper on both sides, but both sides are white in the middle gray material, prices are more expensive than gray Board paper, can also be used to "play" white paper.

So much for material on paper added, time will be further detailed. But in the choice of materials at the same time, the first thing to note matches the product quality, followed not the blind pursuit of cheap, be sure to sample with the manufacturer confirmed, attention to the effects of products, so as to avoid "discord" effect.