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Tableware In Addition To Taste Method

1, milk to taste method: first use detergent to clean, and then pour the soup two key tableware and fresh milk, close the lid, shake it, contact the milk Cup in every corner, for about a minute, and pour away milk, dishes cleaned.

2, orange peel to taste method: first use detergent to clean and fresh orange peel in, close the lid, put about 3-4 hours, rinse clean.

3, tea with waste, odor removal. Tableware in smell, with waste tea scrub, rinse again with clean water and smell with the exception.

4, using salt water for 30 minutes. If the above method cannot remove the odor of the tableware and rushed into the water dishes disseminate strong pungent smell, consider not using this cutlery drink, cutlery plastic is not good, use it to water might be harmful to health, or discard it and then change the Dinnerware safe.