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The Skill Of Buying Coffee Paper Cups


The Skill of buying coffee paper cups

     First look at the ingredients of paper cups. Regular disposable paper cups are PE food edible lamination, in 1997 or so, many countries on the prohibition of the use of waxed paper cups. The so-called waxed paper cup, the raw material is a paraffin, in accordance with national standards, paraffin is a food contact with the security material. Paraffin melting point is very high, high can reach 200 degrees. 

     If this is a stencil paper cup, then you can try hot water, if it is waxed paper cup, it can immediately win the naked eye to see the wax into wax floating on the water. Regular disposable cups use a common polyethylene, which is the safest chemical in food processing and very resistant to temperature.

     Second look at the paper cup packaging there is no clear QS logo, manufacturer information, production date. Do not buy a licensed paper cup for no cost. Also look at the package marked on the scope of application, the regular disposable cups will indicate the applicable temperature of this paper cup, if you buy a cold drink cup on the Do not use to install hot water, so as not to leak water scald.

     The final standard of disposable paper cups stiffness and permeability are also provided, the bottom and sides of the paper cup should not leak, seepage, if the paper cup is too soft, nor up to standard. All packaging paper cups have sufficient sealing and solidity, paper cups should be dustproof, moisture and mildew.

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