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Foam Cups With Lids

Foam Cups With Lids

Add an artistic appeal to your coffee , concession stand, 16 oz. paper hot cup. great for offering your on-the-go guests warm beverages ,coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and cider. , this hot cup is great for businesses that want to use more environmentally-friendly products. Save money and time - why waiting in the line at the coffee shop have your attractive cafe cup at your home ,business, - can be reused several times

Detailed description

foam cups with lids 


Features : an attractive cafe inspired design Great for your home, business, party , for serving coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and more Ideal for on-the-go drink options Poly -coated lining reduces condensation accumulation Stackable for optimal storage space,

Made with 90% plant-based renewable resources Conveniently disposable for easy cleanup Perfect for cafes,coffee shops, kiosks, and concession stands

1. We are aware that our cups’ design is slightly leaning towards coffee – but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t also perfect for serving hot or cold tea, chocolate, milk and other kinds of beverages. 

We can accept customized size, with ideal dimension measurements, this set of 50 insulated cups, apart from being extremely practical during your travels, they are also ideal for any social gathering you may be planning; 

an outdoors early birthday party, a business or family branch – or you can simply have them for everyday use in your office!

 2. Modern, extremely stylish and cool-looking; all in all, perfect for your coffee shop’s take-away needs!

3. Coffee cup sleeves are more of a fuss than actually useful; always having to adjust the sleeve just right or else it slips off and, if the cardboard gets even a little wet from spilling, they are rendered useless. 

Xiamen Ebelee, with over 15 years experience, is one of the leading foam cups with lids manufacturers, offering the customized service, timely delivery and cheap price. Should you have any preference for our products, please be free to wholesale the product with us.
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